Elevate your industry operations with AltiClimb.

> NDT, inspection & testing
> Rescue cover
> Safety support, planning & consultation

> Construction

> Fire safety

> Electrical/mechanical installations

> Cleaning, Blasting & Painting
> Refineries
> Reactors
> Vehicle or other large manufacturing facilities
> Energy production plants
> Confined spaces
> Steel or general elements
> Pipework and cabling

Welcome to AltiClimb: Your Reliable Industry Service Provider. 

At AltiClimb, we thrive on meeting the diverse needs of our global clientele. From day one, we've set the bar high with ISO 9001 & 14001 certifications and our proprietary IT system, streamlining safety controls, equipment management, and quality reporting.

Our team expanded within it’s first three years with a second civil engineer and an esteemed HS engineer, bolstering our management and expertise.

AltiClimb excels in crafting custom access solutions for challenging locations. Our innovative techniques enable us to execute
a wide range of projects, from inspections to complex installations.

Our expertise shines in technical projects, from consultations to execution. Clients trust us for access in heights, confined spaces, and multi-disciplinary environments.

Leveraging rope access techniques, we handle testing, inspections, installations, and servicing effectively, saving time
and resources.

AltiClimb's unparalleled technical delivery makes us the preferred partner for your industrial plant.

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NDT Inquiries

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Reactor, Mechanical, Fire-Safety, or General Inquiries

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Destructive Testing or Engineering: 

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Health & Safety Consultation

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